My Eco Future Now

About Us

My Eco Future Now Story

Sustainable and climate-ready communities are needed. We know this need is urgent. At My Eco Future Now, our work moves beyond the question ‘why’ and focuses on collaborative solutions to the challenge of ‘how’.

My Eco Future Now has been leading a community-based climate action movement since 1995, working together with non-profit organizations from across the country to advance transformative, equitable, and lasting change.

Our work is informed by our core values:


Open, humble, and always learning from others and from the land in this complex and dynamic world.


Creative and collaborative in our approach, recognizing the strength to be found in diverse experiences.


Determined to be inclusive and to take active steps toward supporting greater equity in our work and in the sector.


Committed to evidence-based decisions, transparency, ensuring accountability is centered in our approach.

Strategic Direction

As a membership-based organization, our goal is to support and sustain grassroots-led climate action through leadership, connection, training, and funding. My Eco Future Now is celebrating more than 25 years of collective impact, and as we look toward the next decade, we do so recognizing how pivotal this time is for the future of humanity and the planet.

Our Profiled Programs

Active School Travel

We encourage walking and wheeling to school for safer school zones, cleaner air, and healthier children

Home Energy Solutions

Home energy performance to reduce our carbon footprint, save money, and increase comfort.

Living Cities Canada

We work with communities to make green infrastructure equitable, abundant, and thriving.

Depave Paradise

We empower community organizations to create new urban greenspace by tearing up unused pavement.